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For 2016 we have moved moved to 1000cc Superstocks and riding 1000cc BMW

NEXT RACE our home circuit Brands 5th -7th August

Alex Olsen Power Projects Racing 33kV Ltd

After wining the BSB stock 600 EVO cup with 3 races to spare in 2015, we moved into the 1000cc Superstock for 2015

Despite a really good training session in Spain, we had a massive crash at the first round of the year which meant Alex was not in good shape and the bike was in even worse shapeOur replacement  £12k! bike was simply not as good as the original one that was supplied by our support team and we then struggled all season.

For 2016 we decided that we didn’t want to rely on anyone else. PPR management team wanted to be in total control.

With the massive support of our sponsors, who we work with on a day to day basis under the umbrella of Power Projects Racing, we managed to send Alex Olsen and the support team to Spain for pre season testing with all of the BSB Superbikes teams and the wealthy stock 1000 teams.

After running ZX10 in 2015 we felt very confident that the 2016 bike was going to be even better.

It was.. we had stunning performance in Spain and were competing with the full BSB Superbikes riders even leaving some of them behind.

After pre season BSB official tests, we were still very happy with the bike….until race day.

We qualified 8th on our first race at Silverstone and although the grid positions were not realistic, due to rain and track condition, we were ok with that.

When we raced, we found that the ZX10 had developed a control fault. Our bike was going from>200 BHP to 190 and engaging traction control and then disengaging it.

Many other teams suffered. Teams suffered  in different ways. Some teams were ok in Spain while others were ok at Silverstone. Talk to Richie for the long details but basically we can’t fix it until mid season.

We are heavily supported by Bournemouth Kawasaki but they too were unable to provide support. Massive thanks to them for their support but alas we cant continue like this.

After many long discussions, we have therefore decided that we are not in Superstock 1000 to be also rans. We want to be at least on the podium.

BMW were on average 2 seconds a lap quicker than any other bike at Silverstone.  If all we achieve is a points finish, then after 7 years of racing we are not interested.


and this is the news

We have a Kawasaki ZX 10 for sale. We have sufficient other parts to make another ZX10 with no miles, other than dyno miles, for sale.  In other words, two bikes.